Educational Assessment

Every child has exceptional patterns of intellectual strengths and areas of need that affect his or her performance in school. Niralof Special Education Learning Assessment provides academic assessments for students ages 5-25 who have learning challenges.


The goal of the educational assessment is to help families understand their child’s learner profile and cognitive and academic abilities across a range of skills including receptive and expressive language, reading, math, listening, verbal and visual learning, planning, use of strategies, and working memory.

Assessment and Evaluation

The state of the art testing is provided by a Learning Behavior Specialist who specializes in learning difficulties.

A detailed written report is given which can be shared with the school and other intervention providers. The report includes:

• A full history of the student's development and Education.

• Highly specific information about the student’s learning strengths and weaknesses

• Clear diagnoses

• Student-specific recommendations including instructional approaches, test accommodations and specialized learning settings.

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