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Educational consulting and training

A Comprehensive Approach

Our training program is geared towards self-directed and coherent techniques and enables participants to acquire and retain fresh insights, new skills and knowledge on the following:

• Curriculum development

• Differentiated instruction

• Understanding of learning disabilities

• The learning disabilities checklist

• How to reach and teach children with learning  disabilities

• learning disabilities Inclusive Instruction & collaborative practices

• learning disabilities powerful teaching strategies & accommodations

• Classroom behavioral support for teachers

• How to prevent problem behaviors during transitions and “challenging times” of the school day

• Instructional strategies for engaging the attention and active participation of students

• Behavioral strategies/interventions

• Academic strategies and supports

We will use an Experiential Learning approach to ensure that the above listed objectives are successfully achieved and our preferred approach is to integrate theoretical learning within the practical and experimental implementation of the learning experience. All participants in the program will be given complete hand-out booklets on training material and will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Each training program with be tailored to the school's learner profiles and specific needs. Our approach in implementing the assignment will be in 1-3 phases based on the school's profile.

Educational consulting and training: Services
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